About Us

Rapid Hire is an odd duck agency that uses cutting edge technology and marketing skills and a mixture of superpowers to help Home Service companies recruit and retain quality team members.

We didn't start out helping recruitment agencies,… hell… we never even imagined that we would be able to use our super powers like this at all…

We’ve been helping companies market online…. almost since the beginning of Digital Marketing.

Our offering was born out of requests from companies like yours to help them solve a pressing need in today’s economy.

Finding qualified people who “want to work” and “want a career”… not just a job… Oh! and they want to work for companies that have a great culture and solve problems for people in their community.

It takes a special marketing strategy to get your offer in front of the kind of people you want to have representing your company and brand.

You wouldn’t market for customers with this kind of ad would you?

But unfortunately, that is exactly how most companies advertise for employees these days.

Things have changed significantly over the past couple of years and it is now “An Employees Market! You not only have to attract candidates in new ways but you also have to act fast and communicate quickly to make offers…. Or they are gone to someone who does…

That is where Rapid Hire comes in. RH lets you attract applicants, qualify them, and hire them in a matter of days not weeks.

We Customize A Solution to Fit Your Company

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