Proven Process

Save Time, Money and get better candidates with the Rapid Hire Proven Process


We first learn about a company’s needs and gather as much information as possible to see if our proven process can help a company.

Rapid Hire has decades of experience in the digital marketing world. We have used our skills and technology to change the future of the recruiting world. We have combined technology and social media with state-of-the-art systems and processes to revolutionize lead generation for recruiting. The process is rapid and we get to the candidates quickly. If we decide it is a fit, we plan and customize every company’s systems and campaigns individually.
We gather all images and information and create content and copy to showcase each company’s brand. Our tech team custom designs and builds all campaigns.



Campaigns are then launched, tested and analyzed. We meet with each company’s internal team, for review and training.
Keeping everyone on the same page so each company team member knows how the system and all the processes work. Next, we turn on all campaigns and Go Live.
We then execute every aspect of a company’s systems and processes. We communicate daily with all companies and recruiting teams.
We process all information, upload applications and video interviews daily for every company. Companies no longer have to chase candidates.



Our team continually optimizes all accounts and campaigns.
Daily monitoring of all data helps us analyze the data and adjust accordingly to redesign campaigns if necessary for better conversions.

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