Want To Build A Kickass Team? 

At Rapid Hire Pro, we understand that a thriving home service business begins with a talented and committed team. Our mission is simple – to help you build and maintain a kickass team that propels your home service business to new heights.

With our expert recruiting and retention services, we’re here to make your success story a reality.


In the competitive world of the home service industry, finding the right talent can be a game-changer. Our recruiting services are tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking skilled technicians, reliable customer service representatives, or dedicated managers, we’ve got you covered.

What You’ll Get When You Recruit With Us
  1. Access an untouched talent pool with Customized ad campaigns – find your top talent wherever you are
  2. Your own account manager – no more sifting through endless resumes. Your time is valuable
  3. Customized Funnels & Automations – move interested & Qualified applicants forward, decrease candidate ghosting and streamline communications
  4. one Complete Hiring Solution – Applicant tracking, Customized Assessments, interview scheduling, Background Checks, Drug testing & more


Building a great team is only half the battle; keeping them engaged and committed is equally important. Our retention services are designed to ensure your valuable team members stay with you for the long haul. Happy employees lead to satisfied customers and a prosperous business.

What You’ll Get When You Retain With Us
  1. Lower turnover rates – Stay informed on how your team is doing. nothing hurts more than losing a key member of your team 
  2. Increased employee satisfaction – recognize and reward your teams achievements. celebrate and share each win together in one place
  3. Improved team cohesion – polls, surveys and more. build a strong Team bond, even on the go, with daily interaction & communication
  4. Long-term business stability – Build a Strong Company Culture and watch your team Share in your vision

Ready To Recruit And Retain Top Talent?