Garage Door Doctor Testimonial

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Cody from Garage Door Doctor, who shared his journey and the transformative impact that Rapid Hire Pro has had on his business. 


Navigating The Challenges of Hiring

Hiring and scaling your business can be extremely time consuming and difficult. Cody candidly discussed the challenges he faced in finding new team members, especially customer service representatives and apprentices. In the ever-competitive world of business, finding the right talent can be a real struggle. However, Rapid Hire Pro has been a great guide for Garage Door Doctor! In Cody’s experience he received a bounty of qualified applicants. Changing the game for Garage Door Doctor by delivering a substantial funnel of potential employees. And it was lighting fast! While it’s not always typical for this many applicants to be hired this fast, Cody was astonished with the number of great quality applicants he could have join their team. Highlighting that Rapid Hire Pro helped them hire ten people in just six days. Yes, you read that right! The platform’s efficiency in speeding up the hiring process is truly remarkable.



Organization, Strategy, and A Resounding Endorsement

Realizing Garage Door Doctor didn’t have a streamlined hiring process initially. Rapid Hire Pro stepped in to provide a solution. We helped organize and strategize their hiring efforts, making the entire process more manageable. In their customer-facing business, seeing the correct type of applicants is crucial. One of the features that Cody loved was the video interviews. It helped them identify the right people who would excel in customer-facing roles. Perhaps one of the most compelling moments in the video was when Cody said he would use Rapid Hire Pro in a heartbeat. He went on to declare it as, “the best return on investment (ROI) you can find”. Now, that’s a glowing recommendation!


The video is a powerful testament to the transformative potential Rapid Hire Pro can have on a business. Simplify. Enhance. Empower.

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